90 Years of The BBC Celebrated with Epic Composition by Damon Albarn

90 Years of The BBC Celebrated with Epic Composition by Damon Albarn


Reporting 15th November 2012

90 Years of the BBC 1922

It was 14th November 1922

when the BBC crackled into life – at 5.33 pm a short news bulletin was read by Arthur Burrows.

90 Years of The BBC90 Years of The BBC 2012

At 5.33 pm on 14th November 2012 the occasion was marked by 2LO Calling – a piece by Damon Albarn Something completely different to celebrate 90 years of the BBC

It was a really tricky brief and we heard him describing how he was going to do this on the BBC news last night. He described how it was a challenge to appeal to a very wide and diverse audience around the world and he said he had no idea what people would make of it.

You can hear his piece on Spin.Com where it was reported his potential audience for the specially composed piece was 120 million!

The BBC radio stations across the UK and around the world marked the anniversary with a simultaneous broadcast of 2LO Calling, a “snapshot of the airwaves” featuring iconic sounds such as Bertrand Russell in Morse code. It was broadcast by BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo from London’s Science Museum.

You can see the Iconic Video over at the BBC Website – it’s pretty special and such a pity it’s not up on YouTube yet for everyone to see (only a matter of time no doubt)

We did discover this video history of 90 years of the BBC on YouTube

It’s not often you get to witness something as epic as this in your lifetime and we are sure we will be able to share this with our grandchildren in the years to come ……..



90 Years of The BBC Celebrated with Epic Composition by Damon Albarn

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3 Responses to 90 Years of The BBC Celebrated with Epic Composition by Damon Albarn

  1. David Downer says:

    A nice touch Chris & Susan – an interesting composition from Damon Albarn. Thank you for posting the BBC Radio in 90 Minutes video too. Interesting reminiscing.

    It’s incredible how far we have come in 90 years. As a young child we had a TV – black and white of course and two channels. Today we have the internet and mobile communication that we can do such incredible things with, together with the amazing opportunities that it offers anyone who wants to be in business for themselves…

    Who would have imagined all those years ago, that today millions of people the world over would be able to go to work in their pyjamas, having commuted from their bed to their computer or even their iPhone, via the bathroom and kitchen and they are ready to work. Mind blowing when you think about it!

    … and of course you can listen to BBC Radio (and goodness knows how many radio stations across the world) and BBC TV and (and goodness knows how many TV stations across the world) all from your computer or mobile device – Incredible.

    I’m sure young people today don’t understand the wonderment of an older generation like ours, with the technology at our fingertips. It will be interesting in a few short years, what they will think when all this technology is placed into a tiny microchip that is planted into a babies ear at birth. A tiny chip to run your entire life on…

    …You won’t need to search the internet for information, you’ll just call up the information you want via your micro chip just by thinking it. Cards and cash won’t exist it will be instant payment via your microchip… and so much more besides.

    I wonder how long before “beam me up Scottie” becomes real for all of us?

    David 🙂

  2. Sarah Arrow says:

    Wow, 90 years. Let’s hope that the TV side of things can turnaround and start delivering good stuff again.

  3. Fantastic to see the good old Beeb have got to 90 years. Wow how much has changed in broadcasting since 1922 – no one could have envisaged the internet and how powerful and essential it is in everyones lives these days. We hope everyone can see the potential in the internet, happily we have and we’re spreading the word. You guys are also doing an awesome job educating people on the possibilities of working online!

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