Carrian King Story

Carrian King Story

carrian king storyCarrian King Story : We met Carrian King online talking with her coach in one of our community groups.  Long story short, we were inspired to track her down and have her tell us her story of how she found MOBE and what she’s done since starting her new career online as an affiliate marketer

In this interview her coach Brenda Gagne asks Carrian to share what’s she’s been doing to market her business and the results that she’s had


Now when talking about results we have to add that results are not typical but common sense tells us that in any case.  Those who put in the work get the results and that’s true in any situation

Brenda Gagne Interviews Carrian King


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We hope you were inspired listening to how she just got her head down, learned what she needed to learn, acquired new skills and began getting results.

People who have success as entrepreneurs do these things while sadly many sit on the sidelines wondering why “it’s not working for them

Inspired by the recording of the call between Carrian and her coach we wanted to know a little more about her so we caught up with her on Facebook and asked her to tell us a little of her story …

Be prepared to be inspired

Carrian can you tell us a little about yourself, where you were born and raised and what you have done before joining MOBE?

Carrian King StoryCarrian : I was born and raised in St. Ann Jamaica but now lives in Newport News, Virginia, USA. Career wise haven’t done much. I went to medical assistant school got my associates degree, still couldn’t find a job in that field. While going to school I was working full time at a retirement home as a waitress. So I was employed full and going to school full time. That was my first job. Then I got a second job working as a caregiver for a personal care agency called Homehelpers.

We think we saw from your Facebook Profile you have a son?

Carrian :  Yes I have a son, he’s 4. After having my son in 2013 I gave up my waitressing job and stayed with Homehelpers still trying to make ends meet and hoping for the best.

Her story continues ….

“I remember the day I was sitting at work I found myself completely unhappy and I made a decision that changed my life. After coming back to reality, I looked up at my computer and I saw an Ad that told me I could not have a job. I thought to myself, how could I not have a job? At that moment I decided I wanted a change so I clicked the Ad and I was amazed at what I’ve just discovered. Looking back that was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I’m so excited for this journey. My hopes and dreams for having that better life are about to come true …”

And that’s how it begins for so many people 🙂

It’s wonderful to see her story unfold and sure you will join us in congratulating her on her achievements so far

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Thanks for reading and any questions do let us know

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