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Isn’t it incredible to see how fast the internet moves?

In just two weeks 10 million people joined the new social networking site Google + Today we read that  Google + have over 20 million users (24th July 2011)

During our 10 days on the new social networking site we have found Google + to be very easy to use, have connected with people who were previously difficult to connect with and love the circle feature where you can have your Google +friends” grouped together where only you can find them.

Google + is not open to “business users” yet but it is in the pipeline.  Just as with Facebook it is always best to start with building relationships through your personal profile and Google + is no different.

Google + Profile Chris and Susan

Here’s a whistlestop tour of Google + just to get you started.  If you want to get to know it better you need to allocate some time to check out the features and see how they will benefit you and your business and to optimise your profile (very important!)

Google + have not yet given you the facility to have a Google + Username so here are two sites you can use to do just that. URL Shortener

GPlus URL Shortener

You can find us  here

Here are some links to resources you will find helpful in building Google +

Googlecard WordPress Plugin


Social Statistics Site

Create Your Own G+ Picture

Search inside G+

Find People on G+

Google +Blog to Stay Up to Date

WordPress Plugin for Google +1

Google Plus HelpGoogle + Help

Chris & Susan Beesley Signature


Please leave us your gmail email address in the comments box below if you would like an invite (Google + permitting!)

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6 Responses to Google + Plus Tips And Resources

  1. beesley says:

    Hi Valentine – thank you for your kind words and pleased you are finding the training, tips and resources useful. With any business you need a financial investment and what we always suggest is that you set a goal to save enough money to get started. It is also a great idea to start your business part time whilst doing whatever it is that you already do. Just don’t give up on your dream. Chris and Susan

  2. Hi Chris and Susan, Thanks for your good work. I’m still getting the training with other tips and resources that you’re sending to me. The Google + is a welcome developement. I need your total help financially to start what i had learned from you in action, Reason I’m financially down I realy need your urgent help to put me in place. Thank you! Valentine Obikee.

  3. beesley says:

    Pleasure Stuart – glad it was helpful. Now putting together an in depth training with other tips and resources that everyone can use. Susan

  4. beesley says:

    Hi Ahmed Thanks for you comment and have sent you an invite to Google + using the email you used to post this comment. Susan

  5. Hi guys!
    Fantastic value from you, as always. I’m still getting the hang of +1, so your input is very welcome. Thank you.

  6. Ahmed says:

    Hi Susan totally love your video on Google+ would love if you can send an invite to Goggle+ dont worry if you can’t. see you on the next mastermind meeting

    Love Always


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