Is Linkedin For You?

Statistically, with 85 million users and one new member being added every second Linkedin is certainly worth looking at.  It is considered to be the premier social networking site for professionals.

Linkedin was the first social networking site we belonged to long before Facebook and Twitter took over in popularity but it worked then just as it does now in building your brand, your reputation and getting collegues to give you testimonials and recommend you to others.  If you get it right your network grows exponentially but like Facebook it needs to be done in the right way or you will fall flat on your face!

Coincidentally our friends at Social Media Examiner have also decided the time is right to share their knowledge on Linkedin with their subscribers and followers and we hope that you will find this interesting too.  Just click here to read the full article and why not subscribe to their newsletter while you are there if  Social Media is your thing.

If you would like to connect with us on Linkedin we would love to see you there

We also have a great pdf to share which you can download here

Enjoy and please share

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2 Responses to Is Linkedin For You?

  1. beesley says:

    Thank you Russell for your insight and hope you enjoy the download

  2. I’m not currently using Linkedin for marketing but have had a profile on there for a few years for my business within the commercial property sector. I feel that I am missing out by not using it although there are only so many hours in the day and working within Facebook alone provides endless opportunity. As more and more take to FB every day, I believe that Linkedin will provide a great opportunity with higher ticket items and services as you tap into a more business orientated community. The language and way that people interact there is more reserved in my opinion on Linkedin, and business people are less inclined nor have the time to read everything. A very targeted approach is required I feel within that market. I do recognise that for those who successfully tap into this market the potential is huge

    Having read your post I will be taking a further look, but first I am going to read your down load report which looks very good indeed.

    Thanks Chris and Susan.

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