Frank Kern State of The Internet Address 2012: Do You Have a “Magic Bullet” Yet?

Do You Have a “Magic Bullet” Yet?

We’ve just been watching Frank Kern’s “State of the Internet Address 2012” and wanted to share with you what it means for you if you are considering getting started online or already have an online business.

We recorded a video to give you our perspective on it

Watch the whole Frank Kern State of The Internet Address Here

Let’s explain first of all what we mean by a “magic bullet” (not to be confused with “magic button” (push button technology) so prevalent in the Internet Marketing Industry and definitely not the same thing)

A “Magic Bullet” is a a product or service that  provides massive transformational value to the consumer and could ‘change their life’

This is something that we have been focused on every since we started working online and when we watched Frank Kern’s State of The Internet 2012 Video a few days ago it just endorsed everything we had been working towards.  We suggest that you watch this to fully understand the importance of this knowledge if you are just starting out as an ‘Internet Marketer‘ and creating your online business before you do ANYTHING.

Watch the Video Here

In the video he talks about The 3 Pillars of Success:-

  • Good Technology (Tools/Resources)
  • Good Marketing
  • A Magic Bullet

He believes that in fact we should rank these 3 pillars in reverse order of actual importance.   Most people mistakenly believe that technology (the add on tools and resources) are  the most important part of generating sales online whereas in fact  it’s the game-changing product/service ( “the magic bullet”) combined with internet marketing (the ability to market effectively online)  that is most important part of your online business.

The “Magic Bullet”

This is an amazing product that has the potential to transform lives. It you have a truly ground-breaking product and you can show people exactly what it is and what it does and how it can transform other people’s lives you will be able to make serious money online.

This means that if you are looking to make money online promoting a product of a third party you must be absolutely certain that it fulfils those requirements.  If you choose a second rate flashy technology based product that promises the earth and under-delivers you will fail to make money online and seriously damage your brand and your reputation.

The reason that this happens so frequently is that people are lured by the promised riches of working on line and the great marketing of “push button technology”.  If it sounds like a ‘get rich quick’ product then it probably is!  This was how many made their fortune in the internet marketing industry in the past.  It doesn’t work now!

We all need to find a magic bullet product – If you don’t have one Click Here

Good Technology

What Frank Kern refers to here is the “tools” that will help you to spread the word about your product and is, in his opinion, the least important of the 3 pillars.   For example spending a lot of time personally getting friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter is not a good use of your time.  However tools that help you to do that and to spread your marketing message about your “Magic Bullet” is a good investment.

Technology relating to the foundations of your business (e.g. your website, lead capture page, autoresponder) are however a different matter entirely because of course you need these in place since they are essential to your online business success.

Good Marketing

You can have the best product (“Magic Bullet”) in the world but if you do not spend money and/or time on advertising and marketing then you are not going to make any sales.  You have to spend money and invest in marketing to make profit in your business and working online is no different to any other business.  However, that being said it is very easy to be lured into spending money in the wrong place and therefore not getting the leads you need into your business.

You therefore need to learn the best marketing techniques in a system that keeps up to date with what is working and what isn’t.  Check out our Free Facebook Ads Marketing training for example

He says “The ability to turn advertising into profit is the most important thing we can master in our community” We could not agree more!

So Going back to the question “Do You Have A “Magic Bullet” Yet?  Does it meet the criteria required for success in 2012 and beyond?

We believe that in The Six Figure Mentors we have that “Magic Bullet” and stake our reputation on it.  It ticks all the boxes to achieve success online in 2012

All you have to do is take ACTION right now and get started with a “Magic Bullet” that will ensure you build a successful and sustainable online business and teach you the skills of advertising and marketing.

But ….. don’t take our word for it – check out The Six Figure Mentors right now – with a full money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Not sure?   Just contact us and we’ll answer your questions and help you make the right choice.

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5 Responses to Frank Kern State of The Internet Address 2012: Do You Have a “Magic Bullet” Yet?

  1. beesley says:

    Rob – thanks for your comment. Frank Kern is definitely the best when it comes to knowing what has the greatest impact although saying that he is spot on here and it is something we have been endorsing during the time we have been working online. A great “magic bullet” makes all the difference – either your own or one that you 100% endorse.

  2. beesley says:

    Lilach – thanks – we agree with you that making connections on Facebook and Twitter and building relationships is important too and I actually replayed the video several times to get a perspective on this and took it to mean it is better to use “technology” as he calls it to find friends and followers and then build relationships with them rather than using productive product creation time doing this yourself.

  3. Rob Cornish says:

    Thanks C&S – this is the first blog post I’ve read following up on Mr.K’s annual address!

    I particularly liked the end where he drives up the hill in his wagon and preaches from the top – you’ve got to hand it to the guy….

    It’s absolutely true about the magic bullet and it makes sense not only from a business POV (lower refunds, more repeat customers etc) but also from an ethical one too.

    Thanks for the post and keep up the great work,


  4. Thanks Chris and Susan. Frank’s products are always interesting.

    I must admit I disagree with the “For example spending a lot of time personally getting friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter is not a good use of your time” I see that as relationship building and like to personally connect with everyone when I can.

    That said this product looks like it can add a lot of value and I’m curious to find out more about it:)

  5. lewys davies says:

    Hey guys

    great post and so many great point s i couldnt agree more, You could have the best product in the world but without the right marketing training, and how and where to market properly then you will not make sales or profit.

    I see a lot of people having fancy websites, with all the tools and gadgets etc but not making any money becuase they dont have to market.

    keep up the great work

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