Make Your Word Gold

Make Your Word “Gold”

Let us ask you a question ….. What’s The Value of Your Word?

We were prompted to write this blog post to highlight the importance of keeping your word and retaining your integrity.

How many times have we said “yes” to invitations to webinars or events and then just not turned up.

No one minds if you say “NO” – in fact it is better that you do.

The reason that we thought to share this now is that over the past year we have attended many live events and many more “virtual” events or webinars and have taken huge value from them …… and if we couldn’t turn up for any reason we let the organisers know if we possibly could.  That’s just the way we are.

One very well known Internet Marketer insists that you let his team know if you can’t attend an event of his and this means that you will get a further invitation in the future.  If you don’t you won’t get a second chance.  Just because an event is FREE it doesn’t mean you should just not turn up because you changed your mind or didn’t feel like it.

Every day on Facebook there are events published – in fact we publish our weekly webshow on there – people say they will turn up – because at the time they are thinking they will.  The truth of the matter is that other “stuff” gets in the way and they don’t turn up.   It’s happened to us and I am sure it’s happened to you too.

The same applies to making appointments to meet up on  skype – just because it is “online” doesn’t make it OK to just not turn up.  It’s exactly the same as agreeing to meet up at a hotel or coffee shop.  If you can’t make it for any reason – let the other party know.

So let’s all manage our time better in 2012 and not over commit ourselves.

This is especially true if you are just starting out with your online business because it is so tempting to say YES to so many things when there is no way you can possibly do it all.

If you need help prioritising your time then we wrote about this a while back and have in fact included an e-book on the subject in our InternetLifestyleStarterKit

It’s not difficult to “keep your word”  We all understand things can change, even right before an event.   All you need to do is have the decency to send a quick text or make a call to say that you can’t make it.

Make Your Word Gold!

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10 Responses to Make Your Word Gold

  1. beesley says:

    Thanks for your comments – the good guys will win in the end and your reputation is so important especially online where everything is so much more transparent

  2. Fiona Scott says:

    Great blog post Susan.
    Our word is vitally important to us – it equals our character, our reputation. Our word is one of the most precious things that we have, that we can easily control, so we use it with caution, and take it very seriously.
    The thing is, it takes years to build a good reputation, and only one day to ruin it. So we treat others with our word, as we would be treated by them!
    Happy 2012 🙂

  3. beesley says:

    Thanks for sharing your views too David – this blog post has certainly got a few comments coming and if it helps raise awareness then so much the better. Thanks for your support of our blogs during 2011 and looking forward to more from you in 2012

  4. beesley says:

    Thanks Larry – we just think it is so important to be courteous but it just seems that because people are working “online” they don’t seem to think it matters any more. We want to raise the awareness of courtesy so thanks for supporting us. We love having you in the group and it doesn’t matter if you only have a little time to spend – every little helps. Have a great end to 2011 and look forward to an awesome 2012.

  5. Larry Lewis says:

    A very important message here guys. As a coach both online and off, i do expect the same courtesies with regards meetings which ever way they are happening. After all once i cross off an hour from my diary it is gone, and i can’t without notice re allocate to another. I do treat my webinars differently. I can’t expect everybody to turn up, after all things do happen to crop up in life. But if you’re trying to set an impression about you to somebody, a simple facebook message, email, or skype text will go along way. We have to build our personal brand, and small things count.Love your posts and group guys, wish i could be more active.

  6. Carl Ashton says:

    TOTALLY agree guys!

    I don’t say yes to anything until I am 100% sure I’m attending.

    Great post, hope a lot of people take this in board in 2012 🙂

    Carl Ashton.

  7. David Downer says:

    Well done for writing this post guys – It frustrates the life out of me when people don’t have the courtesy to keep an appointment (or turn up late either), without bothering to get in contact.

    “Back in the day” “reliabilitY” was taught at home and at school as basic good manners,. It was the norm to call to let people know if you couldn’t makean appointment (giving as much notice as possible). Today it seems it’s the norm for people just to let you down. They don’t give a thought (or just don’t care) that you are perhaps putting yourself out for them; that you may have (unbeknown to them) changed other arrangements to accomodate them etc. It’s pretty appalling in my opinion…

    It’s comes to something when someone makes an appointment with you and you have to confirm prior to the appointment (to reassure yourself that they might bother to turn up) and even then they still let you down. Just look at the number of people who fail to turn up for appointments with doctors; dentists; hospitals etc. If they don’t respect organisations and people like this, what chance have we got?

    Ah – I feel better now 😉

  8. beesley says:

    Thanks Rob – we just wanted to get this message out and appreciate your input Chris & Susan

  9. Rob says:

    Great points C&S!

    I’ve found with webinars that some people register not with the intention of showing up live but because they get on the list to receive the replay (I know I actually do this sometimes too!). Fair enough I guess.

    But outside of that I think you’re spot on. Time prioritisation is absolutely key. Prioritise the top 3 things that’ll move your business forward, Switch off Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc and “Just Do It!” (and Nike would say).

    Also, I think what you talk about is related to over delivering. Most people under deliver. They say they’ll do it by Tuesday but don’t get back to you until Friday. But it’s effortless to over deliver on time scales: Just tell people it’ll be done on Friday and then deliver on Tuesday! No more work but you’ll stick in people’s minds as someone who keeps their word as you say in your post.

    Great stuff, keep up the good work 🙂

    Kind regards,


  10. This is an interesting post Chris and Susan. With the trend of free webinars and events you enviably get many no shows.

    I think it’s only polite to confirm if you can’t attend but maybe this is the whole issue of having to spend money to see the value in something? For example, if you paid just $5 to attend a webinar would you more likely attend?

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