Marketing The New Way

Marketing The New Way

Story Of The Car Stuck In The Sand

marketing the new wayOK we get it – you think we’re going to give you some secret tool or resource to marketing the new way.  Actually we’re not.  There’s a lot of common sense to what we’re going to share with you and it might well be scary for some of you just starting out and needing to make those sales but this shift could be monumental for you and your future success.

Yesterday we got to meet and listen to Ryan Deiss (he’s the man behind Digital Marketer and if you are on Facebook for any time at all then you will definitely have seen some of his marketing).

Not only is he a very entertaining speaker but the information he shared with us will really change the way we market for a lot of us as small business owners.  We’re going to call it “Marketing The New Way” because it is a shift from a marketing perspective albeit something we’ve been doing in other ways ever since we came on line 6 years ago.  He shared with us a story of him and his Dad when he was 12 and how his Dad’s car got stuck in the sand

We took copious notes and will share some more in our next article but for now here’s a private interview we grabbed with Ryan during a break (right time right place …)  and we asked him to share the ‘stuck in the sand story‘ with you

Marketing The New Way – Interview With Ryan Deiss

We’ve actually had the video Marketing The New Way transcribed so you can take some time to digest the story of marketing the new way and you can download it here if it would be helpful to you

And we got access to the live stream of this segment so you can hear the full story from Ryan 🙂

an-introduction-to-retargeting1To summarise then we can “go first” as Ryan says.  We can deliver value and be confident that we’ll follow up because if you do it right then you can show visitors who viewed and were wowed by your content an advert later on via re-targetting using what’s known as the “pixel process”  You can read more about this on The Digital Marketer Blog and credit to Digital Marketer for the use of the image above.

We’ve always had a blog and been adding value articles from the day we first started …

Now we can reap the rewards by sending traffic through paid advertising on Facebook for example to our blog and then via the pixel process send an advert to those people.

This is a win win for marketers and we’re sure we’ll see much more of this happening in the future.  Just look and see next time you’re on Facebook  – marketing the new way is definitely going to  make a difference to those who take it on board

Let us know if you have any questions

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2 Responses to Marketing The New Way

  1. Chris & Susan says:

    Thanks for leaving your comment Nate and sharing your experience. We’ve all been there if we’re honest but we can all help others NOT make the same mistake. Ryan was very generous with his time and this impromptu video and we really hope it will help and impact a lot of people

  2. Nate Rio says:

    Great stuff guys. That’s great you got to meet Ryan Deiss.

    I like how he talks about the urgency to make a sale, which is where everyone starts. It takes a big mindset shift and true breakdown of the sales process to understand this.

    For instance, most people don’t sit and think about the steps from start-to-finish that they took themselves to buy the product they might now be promoting.

    In my example, I was on an email list for 6 months before I decided that there were no longer any excuses to buy the front end product of a funnel I now promote. (and it was only $49).

    Had I known that and learned that early on, I could get an understanding of what type of value and information the consumer actually wants, rather than shoving my affiliate links down the throats of the potential consumer and wishing they’d buy!

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