Repurposing PLR Content For YOU Inc

Repurposing PLR Content For YOU Inc

We are huge fans of PLR (Private Label Rights) but the biggest challenge for most people is how do they take it and make it brandable to themselves (YOU Inc)

The ability to take a piece of content from its original form and make some kind of customisation or modification to make it unique so it represents you and your brand

The main objective when it comes to repurposing content is to alter it so that it accurately reflects the kind of message you want to share with your audience.

Imagine for instance you are a fitness trainer and you want to share some advice with your clients/followers about self discipline or mindset

You could start with a piece of PLR content about discipline or mindset and then add your own stories and examples of how it applies to health, training, fitness, etc… You might even want to share your own story about how you developed discipline or a better mindset or some stories about your clients who have used self discipline or mindset shifts to achieve certain health/fitness related results.

The following links will take you to specific training sessions where you will be able to learn about repurposing AND try the lessons out for yourself. In each of the examples below we share a lesson and in some cases we even provide you with sample PLR content for you to download and test the concept for yourself.

The aim is to get you to to take action and test the ideas out!

Here’s the free training

In our next article we’ll look at how you can use PLR and create assets that you can sell

Thanks for reading

Chris and Susan

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The Answer To Creating A 7-Figure Online Business

What’s the answer to creating a 7 figure business?

If it were easy everyone would be doing it.

Luckily someone has had the foresight to create a blueprint that can be followed based on their 14 years of experience but you are not going to instantly have a 7 figure online business –  no one does!

But you have to start somewhere and having a plan to follow from someone who’s done it definitely helps

After eleven years in the online business game there’s so much we’ve learnt…

All of which we do our very best to impart to our subscribers and clients in our emails and recommendations

At the end of the day as an affiliate marketer your reputation depends of the quality of the products and services you promote

And we’ve always felt this to be important and we hope you feel that way too

So here’s what we’ve got for you today and we’ve been waiting patiently for it’s release so you can be the first to see it

We’ve actually had a copy of the program for a few days now and gone through it so we have not hesitation in recommending it to you

It’s called The Easy Repetitive System

Over the past 4 years, Kevin’s generated millions of dollars using an easy repetitive system that he managed to operate while working just a few hours each week

And isn’t that ultimately the goal of your own business

To work less and earn more!

(We talked about that recently discussing The 4-Hour Work Week)

We know that’s how we feel about it and anything we can do to shortcut the success of our students and clients is good news

Who Is The Easy Repetitive System For

If you’re just starting off, you need this to point you in the right direction and fast track your success

If you’re already doing well online, this will add a tonne to your bottom line, guaranteed

So many other systems out there require too much work, time and investment, and still, the results can be terrible

This is a proven system that he’s repeated time and time again, as shown inside the case studies

It’s a full-blown course which we highly recommend you pick up

We’ve gone through it like we said and in fact we were prepared to put our testimonial to it

What’s Inside The Easy Repetitive System

Module 1 – Intro
Module 2 – Niche Research & Ideas
Module 3 – Planning Out Your Funnel
Module 4 – Organising Your Team and Work Environment
Module 5 – The Funnel Set Up
Module 6 – Market Research
Module 7 – Staying Ahead With New Offers
Module 8 – Traffic & Promotions
Module 9 – Evergreen Marketing Methods
Module 10 – Case Studies
Module 11 – EPS Training Presentation & Downloads

Just as Kevin, if you were to take away our list, our connections, all our products and websites and we had to start from zero this is what we would do

Today, with all the issues we’re facing around the world more and more people are turning to online marketing but they only have some of the pieces of the puzzle

If you want to go it alone and have the training at your fingertips to go through in your own time then this is for you

Included a complete video training series, 32 page PDF report and much more

With all the materials in one place this is a great resource at an incredibly reasonable price

Check it out here

It does not rely on paid traffic SEO, social media or anything time-consuming…

It will work in any niche (in fact there are over 100 niches to choose from inside the training and Kevin’s way of helping you find a niche is amazing)

If we were starting over then this is the process we would follow because quite honestly it’s so well broken down that you could not fail to follow the process

If you are OK with self study and will be accountable to your own success this is a great plan to follow

Thanks for reading The Answer To Creating A 7-Figure Online Business

Any questions do get back to us

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