Super Affiliate Secrets

??Super Affiliate Secrets

Super Affiliate Secrets


Inside this article we’ll be sharing our secrets that we’ve gained during our decade online.  They are most likely not going to be the same “secrets” that others will share because we don’t believe in fluff and we only talk about what we know has worked for us through trial and error, blood sweat and tears and a formula that has shown us the best way to make money online with affiliate marketer.

In fact we first wrote about the topic of high ticket affiliate marketing (HTAM) as far back as 2016

In this article we’re going to share our three top super affiliate secrets

Top Super Affiliate Secrets

Secret #1 High Ticket Monetisation and Unique Offer Creation 

Whatever your income goal is : $10k / month, $20k / month, $50k / month …  The ABSOLUTE fastest way to get there is by selling high ticket products that pay you $500+ per sale. It’s simple math (and we’re accountants so take it from us this is true maths).

We see so many people struggling trying to make 6 figures by selling $100 products & making $40 commissions. It’s VERY unlikely to happen. Make life a bit easier for yourself.

More expensive products are NOT harder to sell once you know what you’re doing AND you need way less sales to make it happen (win win).

So the first step is to pick a high ticket affiliate product in your niche to promote that will pay you over $500 per sale in commissions.

We work with a number of programs in our online education and training business all of which have high ticket offers and can help you in choosing one that fits your personal needs.

Once you’ve chosen your product you want to convert it into a unique offer (one that makes your offer look super awesome compared to someone else offering the same product).  We use support groups where we work with students who have chosen us as their mentor or coach and is something we would highly recommend doing.  It’s a really simple, quick and easy value add that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The second thing we would suggest is add a complimentary and high quality bonus.  Bonuses are things like free trainings, case studies, interviews, templates, cheatsheets etc and are all great ways to bump up the value of your offer and will naturally help accelerate results for your clients and customers.

We have a free report you can download here by example which summarises much of this article

We work with a number of programs in our online education and training business all of which have high ticket offers.

Our High Ticket Recommendation for someone wanting to learn how to work with high ticket affiliate marketing offers would be The Super Affiliate Acclerator (SAA).  It has the highest quality training, mentorship, community and accountability and produces awesome results for it’s students.  If you wanted to check it out to see if it’s a good fit then CLICK HERE to watch a free case study and apply for a call with one of our team.  Not everyone is accepted into the program and this call ensures it is a good fit for both parties

Secret #2 A Sales Machine

WSuper Affiliate Secretse always get asked by our students what’s the best way to start selling your high ticket offer as soon as possible?

Of course marketing is essential for the success of any business but to get going believe it or not you can start leveraging social media

Start having conversations with people on Facebook. Plain and simple. There is NO faster way to do it.

Start connecting with as many people in your niche as possible each day to build relationships.

Find out their problems, find out their goals, see if your product can help them and if it can – get their permission to share your link (you will make sales doing this).

Now clearly there’s a right and a wrong way to do this and why we will always recommend you invest in the training you need to do this

You can find people in free groups, paid groups and even on those guru fan pages.

This may sound stupidly simple, but believe us it works. This method is responsible for 6 figures in the last few months alone. IT WORKS!

It doesn’t actually take too long to turn your personal profile into a sales machine when you know how and we’ll discuss that in another article

Of course you will want to tie this in with other forms of marketing but this is a a good one to start with

Secret # 3 Traffic AKA People

This is the final piece of the puzzle and we’ll stick with using Facebook

Super Affiliate SecretsAs we said in Secret #2 above the FASTEST way to start selling your high ticket product is to connect with people daily who might be interested in buying. To do this the best place is Facebook and using your personal profile paired with a group.

Facebook will form the hub of your business then you can go and add a secondary traffic source to fuel this hub. For example, you could have a blog (like this) or YouTube channel that produces content to attract your ideal customer then pushes them to your Facebook profile, group or direct to Facebook messenger.

Start putting out regular content on your personal profile, in your Facebook group and your secondary traffic source that is valuable to your ideal customer (someone who will want to buy your products), share results you or others are achieving with your product(s) to prove they work and shows your life (not just cocktails on the beach, just prove you’re a real person who cares about them).

If you consistently do this every day, talk to people, produce content, make calls to action telling people to connect with you, these things will happen in the next 1 – 3 months:

  • Your personal brand WILL grow
  • Your audience WILL grow
  • Your email list WILL grow
  • Your marketing & sales skills WILL improve
  • You WILL make high ticket sales

There you have it – no push button BS. No secret sauce. Just a strategy that WORKS!

Now it’s up to you to go to work and make it happen! No one else can do that for you and it is 100% in your control.

Whatever results you want to achieve, you can achieve them with this blueprint.

If you want to work directly with us to implement this and get results even faster – Click here to message us & we can see if you’re a good fit (no stress, no pressure).

If you’ve found this article “Super Affiliate Secrets” useful or informative, then please leave a comment below or if you have any questions ask away

If this can help someone you know, then please share it with them.

Until next time…

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Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet








Would you like to know the top tools to run a six figure business on the internet?

We remember when we first got started with our business not having any tools or resources and having to find out for ourselves the top tools to run a six figure business on the internet

We want to give back so we’re putting together a book of all our best tools, resources and software and in the meantime here’s a selection on this blog to get your started.

There’s one thing we are absolutely clear on and that is that starting, running and growing a business takes time, money, tools and resources.  Inside this blog we’re giving  you some simple and hugely valuable ones (some are free) to use to help you get where you’re going faster.

Just ONE of these resources could be a total game-changer for your business

Let us know which ones you are already using and which ones are your favourites.  Just post in the comments section at the end and add value

Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

Here goes – in no particular order …. – Our number ONE choice for creating landing pages and a whole host of other uses such as capture pages, sales video pages, launch pages, webinar pages, give away pages …. just about any page you need to build a marketing funnel for.  Best of all you don’t need coding experience.

This one tool above everything else has been responsible for supporting our six figure business.  We use this service every single day and truly could not be without it.  Best of all we can create pages that we can share with our business partners and clients to help them build their business too.

It’s our absolute #1 of our Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

AWeber – The most important piece of software you will EVER use to create your list of subscribers and customers and building your biggest business asset.

Email marketing is the complete foundation of our online business and generates us income every single day.

This is the ONE tool that we protect with our lives because if all else were taken away we could start again with this (why it’s called an asset)

Their blog and support is first class and if we were to add one more tip after you get your account and find your way round is to get the AWPro Tools as this gives you additional flexibility in managing your subscribers and worth it’s weight in gold.

GetResponse – whilst it is an auto responder like Aweber, we use this for some of the other features we like better and to segment our subscribers in a different way.  You don’t need both.  We just like having both.

When we speak with new business partners they often ask us do we think it’s really necessary to have an auto responder service from the beginning.  The answer is YES. This is not a tool that is a maybe.  It’s a must!

Directory of Ezines – this was one of the very first resources that we were introduced to by our mentor 5 years ago and have a lifetime membership.  The world of solo ads or ezine marketing is an absolute minefield and many a keen entrepreneur has had their fingers and toes burned through solo ads (we’re members of that club too).  What we like about it is the fact you can test and try small and scale up and the owner Charlie Page will actually work with you to create your first solo.  Priceless!  Once you have the skills you can use that confidence to scale up.

SurveyMonkey – this is a great resource to find out what your subscribers and clients want.  It’s super easy to use.  They are also the providers of WuFoo which gives you the ability to get a little more personal – we’ve only just got this so we can’t give you any more information on right now.

GoToWebinar – Sign up for a free 30-day trial and host your very first webinar. Even if you have no one to invite you will get used to using the software and teach something you have learned.  Get great a doing webinars as it is a great way to add value to your subscribers and to make sales.  Our first mentor just told us this was the way to build our online business so we just did it.

Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

Dropbox – We have been using this for ages and it really is one of the most amazing tools you will ever use in your online marketing for storing and sharing documents  and best of all you can access it from multiple devices anywhere you are – like storing your computer hard drive on the cloud.  It’s Free and you get extra storage just by referrals.

Evernote – We absolutely love this tool.  We can use it from our iphones, our ipad or on our PC and can syncronise it all.  We tend to use it to snag content we want to refer to and keep notes but you can also write and share content which is pretty cool too.

Canva – pictures and images convey more than words ever can.  We use this brilliant piece of software and it’s easy to use templates to create images to use for our website, Facebook, Ads, marketing etc.

Pixabay – this website will become a firm favourite with you just as it is for us.  It is full of royalty and licence free images you can use on the internet plus you can also access at a reasonable price stock images if you can’t find what you are looking for.  Get a bundle at a discount so you are never stuck for an image.  Works great with Canva if you then want to write on the image.

Sniply – this neat little software lets you share content from anywhere on the web and add a very cool call to action.  We think of it like advertising right on CNN, Entrepreneur or Inc. Here’s an example of what we mean

Skype – we could not manage our business without skype.  Its an awesome tool for teaching, training and talking to clients. – time is the most valuable commodity in our business and trawling through unwanted emails we subscribed to “once upon a time” is such a pain.  This free tool allows you to mass unsubscribe and then have those you want delivered in a daily digest.  Love it!

Update : This is no longer available to customers in the UK

Roboform : Protect yourself online with the most trustworthy password manager. We could not manage all of our websites and logins without this and the fact we can use it both on our laptops and mobile devices makes it one tool we would never be without.

New Additions To Our Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet Updated July 2020

Zoom : This video communications software, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars has become a firm favourite of ours.

Streamyard : StreamYard is a live streaming studio in your browser. Interview guests, share your screen, and much more. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms.  We especially love using this for our Facebook Live Streams

Clickfunnels – Our favourite option (and what we recommend to our customers) is ClickFunnels!  It’s a simple, drag n’ drop landing page builder that’s designed for beginners and offers a 14 day trial.

Milanote – This is a fairly new one for us.  It’s an easy-to-use tool to organise your ideas and projects into visual boards and more.  For us as marketers it’s an especially good place to brainstorm ideas and especially see it’s potential for planning our social media, and to organise marketing campaigns.  Since everything is managed together all in one place we can see this becoming a firm favourite… and they just keep adding new features which is very cool.

That concludes our  Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet

Of course there are many many more and we all have our favourites

We couldn’t leave without mentioning Facebook 🙂

Social media (particularly Facebook) is another of those “things” that consume time so use it wisely.  If you are using it for marketing then use it for marketing and discipline your activities.  Our brand new training will show you how to leverage your personal profile and turn it into a lead machine (ask for details)

A full list of our resources is available here (Public Facebook Profile) (Fan Page) (Free for our subscribers)

If you’ve found this article “Top Tools To Run A Six Figure Business On The Internet” useful or informative, then please leave a comment below or if you have any questions ask away

If this can help someone you know, then please share it with them.

Until next time…

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