Do You Want To Get Out Of The Recession?

The media love all the doom and gloom – it’s what they thrive on.  Now that is not to say that things are not bad out there.  Clearly it is not good news for many people …. but there is a way out if you are prepared to take some ACTION.

We’ve taken some action to help you – just watch the video

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Do You Have a Recession Mindset?

We know that we don’t! We’ve lived through many recessions in our lifetime but having been entrepreneurs for the most part of our adult life we know that the only way to stay ahead is to be in business for yourself.

Recession New Around The World
Here are the Media Statistics as at 3rd August 2011:-

  • The 2.34 per cent drop on the index of Britain’s most valuable firms came as the Dow Jones Industrial Average flirted with its worst losing run since 1978.
  • The FTSE 100 fell 133.88 points to 5584.51, its biggest drop in a single day since Nov 16, wiping £35?billion off the value of the market.
  • Investors have lost £65?billion, with the FTSE 100 at its lowest level since Nov 30 last year and down 7.1 per cent this year.
  • Fears that the US economy was heading into recession and the ongoing crisis in the eurozone have erased $2?trillion of value from world stock markets in the past week.
  • The price of gold rose again (the good news!)

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4 Responses to Do You Want To Get Out Of The Recession?

  1. beesley says:

    Hi Ahmed Thank you for your support and comment and glad that you are progressing well with your business. Looking forward to doing some video with you when we get back from Malaysia. Chris and Susan

  2. beesley says:

    Hi George Thank you for your lovely message and to hear that despite your ill health and other set backs that you are still determined to change your life. Just let us know when you are ready (we know what French Notaires are like!) Kind regards Suan

  3. George Kirkwood says:

    Hi Chris and Susan, I have researched some internet businesses and had not been very impressed. Then I contacted yourselves earlier this year and watched your introductory video course. During the period of the course I fell at home. Later, what I thought were cracked ribs was confirmed as 2 displaced thoracic discs. Thankfully, I am making an uneventful recovery. I have watched your other videos, (and followed your suggested reading), with great interest. I would like to join your organisation. Currently, our home in Brittany has been sold and we are making arrangements to rent a cottage locally. Our house purchase in UK is proceeding. When completed, we will spend time in both places. I would like to take up the offer to attend the course with my wife but currently timings are very difficult. The Notaire here is abysmally sloooow! We are looking at dates in October before we can return to UK. I will keep in touch. Your friend, George Kirkwood.

  4. Ahmed says:

    hi chris and susan just checked out your video for your upcoming workshop next weekend. 2 day workshop 1/2 price and bring your partner!! exceptional value. going to write a blog, leave a message on facebook, and not forgetting SFM 3.0 is going to be HUGE!!

    As your student Its my duty to help in any way and i would love to do video testomonials and interviews by yourself and your students. cant wait for your TV Channel

    Speak to you soon

    Love Always


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