As we have made our journey into internet marketing we have found for ourselves and other people have introduced us to some fantastic tools that have made our life so much easier so we thought that we would help you by telling you about them.

Every business needs marketing tools and resources so that is what we are concentrating on here on this page

We only recommend tools and resources we use ourselves or come highly recommended with proven results

Email Marketing

There are many different choices of provider for your email marketing so makes sure to check out which one suits you best.

We chose Aweber as it is simply the best for useability and deliverability and simple for newcomers with great training.

We do also use GetResponse and you may prefer to look at this one

Marketing Solutions

This allows you to ‘snip’ URL’s of interesting content to share with a call to action taking the reader to join your list/become a lead/get information

There is a free and a paid version of

Time Saving Tools

Alarm Clock, Gold, Hands Of A Clock, Home

Automated Posting to Facebook

We like Buffer and there is a paid an free version of this tool.  However Facebook is a social platform and nothing beats posting and responding to your own materials.

This little tool will allow you to bulk unsubscribe from all those pesky emails you once subscribed to but which seem to grow exponentially every day.  It’s free and super easy to use but be cautious.  It’s called but now only available in the USA

Content Marketing/Blogging

We highly recommend that you use a self hosted blog such as WordPress (  See  Bluehost and GoDaddy for hosting and purchasing domains. Use Code WOWcands60 for a discount on your first purchase at GoDaddy.  For UK hosting we recommend TSO Host

There is also a new hosting solution which many internet marketers are now using called

If you want to use the platform that successful internet marketers are using with a host of features too long to mention here then you should get yourself optimizepress


If you are looking for an easy solution for duplicating your website then look no further than WP Twin from Jason Fladien

W P Twin Elegant Themes

As the years go by there are more and more beautiful themes for creating outstanding websites.  Elegant Themes is our new favourite.

Backing up Your Website




This is a very useful resource that we found to backup, clone and protect your wordpress sites.  It’s just $47 and something we would definitely recommend. It’s called Backup Creator.  Here’s the link to watch the video and see how easy it is to do.

WordPress Plugins

If you are looking for search engine optimization for your WordPress Website then this product is well worth the investment.  Not only will it bring your wordpress website to the top of search engines but it will also bring it to the top of the top page!  You can find out more and watch the video training here

Pretty Links

This is a plugin we can defintely not do without!  It allows us to cloak those long ugly affiliate links and make them look really nice.  Check it out here

Social Media Marketing Tools & Training

Facebook Marketing

Facebook paid marketing can be a bit of minefield and very few people do a simple training.

Facebook Advertising For Newbies – the perfect starter training for anyone new to Facebook Advertising

Our absolute favourite for Facebook Branding and Marketing Combined is Social Media Branding Academy 

This was also a good training on NewsFeed Ads – Called News Feed Fire

Article Writing Cheat Sheet

This is a great little cheat sheet if you want to write your own articles and need a structure and to do it quickly (under 30 minutes)  It also runs as a program on your computer.

EZine / Solo Ad Marketing


Always proceed with caution when entering into the world of Solo Ad or Ezine Marketing and test small.  It can be the best and quickest way to build your subscriber list but it can also cost you a lot of money if you get it wrong.

We recommend The Directory of Ezines as a safe place to get started and you can get access to one of the smartest marketers to help you get started safely.


Writing Articles & Blog Posts

Instant Article Wizard

This seems to be a real stumbling block to newcomers to blogging and article writing so getting off to a flying start is essential.  This little tool called Instant Article Wizard is a real wizard – just $7 to try it out for 7 days then $77 a year.  Well worth a try

Article Builder

This is the super version of Article Wizzard.  For the more experienced blogger and article writer then Article Builder is for you- its $297 a year but is well worth it for outsourcing your content.  Made by the same guy as Article Wizard.

Curation Soft

Great for grabbing curated content for your blog.  There is a Free and a paid for version of Curation Soft.  Try the free version to begin with to see how you get along with it.


Website Hosting / Domains

Everyone working online needs hosting for their websites, whether you are using WordPress or not. We and many other marketing professionals recommend Hostgator as it is flexible and very cost effective. Click on the image to check it out or open your account.

We recommend TSO Host for hosting in the UK

There are many different places to buy domains but we tend to recommend GoDaddy and Namecheap for price and their support.

Ninja Tools


This is one tool that we could not live without and recommend to all of our students.  As you build your business online you will have more and more sites and passwords to manage and this keeps them all neatly locked in one place.   It’s called  and it manages all your websites, software, affiliate links etc all neatly locked in one place.

Video Editing and Screen Capture Software

Camtasia & Snagit


This is one of those tools that we could not be without – thank goodness someone took the time to share it with us.

This is a great tool that we use to share information and to store important documents on “the cloud”   You can get one for free here You get a limited amount of space to begin with – 250 mbs but you can get more space by inviting others to join Dropbox


Facebook Course

Jessica Higdon Banner grey border

Facebook 10K System – how to get leads and prospects from Facebook.  An in depth course which is both practical and proven to work.

Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Prospecting Training

Traffic Training

A 6 month traffic training course and perfect for beginners and intermediate marketers – called Traffic Evolution

Video Tools

It’s been proven that video is the best way to build trust and create brand awareness.  However many people don’t like to be face to camera so we have a great solution


Interactive Video Player


Lead Capture

We have used different tools and resources over the years but by far the best we have ever used is Lead Pages

It’s pretty much the industry standard for marketers and there are plans to suit all pockets

We are also now using ClickFunnels and although slightly different than lead pages it really is a matter of personal choice

Funnel Builder is a new one but a good price for someone just getting started


Finding good graphics for marketing was always a bit hit and miss but we discovered this bundle for $9 and should give you plenty of choice –  Giant Graphics

Then there is a tool for creating banners – called Banner Creator

Give Aways

If you are looking for something valuable to give away to help you build your list or build a relationship with your list then re-brandable books is an option for you


XHeader Logo BoxXHeader is a free header graphics design tool. Stunning header graphics create a great first impression and this piece of software includes 500 headers all totally FREE – all you do is add some text. Click Here

SEO Tool

This was recommended to us when we first started online as a way of finding keywords and keyword phrases to use in our business.  There are many different tools you can use but this still remains one of the best we have seen especially now that Google no longer have their own tool.


There are a number of books that we highly recommend that teach the basic fundamentals of oneline marketing and positioning yourself in your chosen market

DotCom Secrets

Expert Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

These are all available FREE (you just pay S&H)

Please read our Affiliate Disclaimer:

Our recommendation is ALWAYS based on our belief that the product and its author will provide excellent and valuable information or service based on a review of that product, our relationship with that person, and or previous positive experience with the person or company who’s product we are recommending. In some cases, we will be compensated if you decide to  purchase that product based on our recommendation. In some cases, we will receive  the product for free for review purposes. Always do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases. Never purchase anything that you cannot afford. Most people don’t do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.





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