TecAdemics Review

TecAdemics Review

TecAdemics ReviewThank you for joining us on our blog to read the TecAdemics Review.

For those of you who know us or regularly visit our blog it’s common knowledge that we only ever review programs, products and services we use ourselves and will put our names to.

If you have already visited our  blog and read the Internet Marketing College Review you may recall that we told you that “Internet Marketing College” was not to be it’s final name and that it would be revealed on 5th August 2016 in Phoenix Arizona.

13995488_10157258593065693_4182585615185682820_oSusan was there (actually she was part of the panel speaking on the last day)  when they revealed the name for the concept of the Internet Marketing College – TecAdemics!

You will therefore be hearing first hand in this TecAdemics Review why we are so excited to be a part of this and how if fulfils our ambition to bring education and information to help entrepreneurs grow their business and make money from their businesses whether that be a traditional small business owners of internet entrepreneurs. After all that’s how we discovered the internet!

TecAdemics Review – The Back Story

Here’s what Chris Record, the Founder says on behalf of TecAdemics

“We believe that social media and internet marketing strategies have completely changed the way that entrepreneurs are able to build, grow and scale their business online.

However, many entrepreneurs struggle to successfully implement up-to-date strategies and real-time internet marketing concepts that truly work.  We feel this difficulty is due to the lack of quality, structured internet marketing education available in the industry.

The Internet Marketing College (TecAdemics) is specifically designed to fill this void by providing high quality entrepreneur education.  Our courses will be taught by expert professionals who actually practice and continually perfect what they teach.  Additionally, our classes, which are consistently updates, will be uniquely presented and structured to enhance learning, retention, and success for our students.

We believe this new method of teaching will completely disrupt the Internet Marketing industry by empowering entrepreneurs with the key knowledge necessary to take immediate action”

TecAdemics Review – The Problem

We’ve been around the “make money online” industry for over six years now and the problem we see is INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  Every day there is some new product launching promising to teach a new strategy or reveal a shiny new software tool that entrepreneurs “must have” in order to succeed … and yes we were guilty of getting caught in that trap too – buying and promoting!  Looking back over the years we realise that all it does is lead to information overload leaving entrepreneurs confused about where to get started as they desperately look for answers on how to grow their business and make money.  In this TecAdemics Review we want to show you how TecAdemics have solved that problem and then let you judge for yourself.

TecAdemics Review – The Solution

The solution to the problem as highlighted in this TecAdemics Review is something called ISD (Instructional System Design)  It’s a taxonomy used by every major university in the world to teach their students based on the science of learning.  What TecAdemics (Internet Marketing College) has done is assemble a team of curriculum developers from these major universities, and educated them on up-to-date strategies used by highly successful internet marketers … thus creating a proprietary learning technology (Tec) and with it a brand new category of internet marketing education that utilises this proven mastery learning process (Ademics).

You therefore see  that what they are doing is bridging the gap between traditional education and ‘guru’ education.

From a personal perspective this is something we are very proud of being a part of.  In fact if you have read our blog you will know that ever since we came online six years ago it has been to help businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve success through better internet marketing education.  It’s what we are passionate about and why we travelled 5,000 miles to Scottsdale Arizona back in June to do our personal “TecAdemics Review” albeit it was called the Internet Marketing College then.

Talking to Chris Record in person and meeting the team behind TecAdemics we came to realise the potential was far greater than we first realised.  If you haven’t yet watched our video interview with Chris Record we would urge you to do so because you will see that what he says and what we say come from the heart and with a passion to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

We previously covered the products of TecAdemics when we carried out the Internet Marketing College Review but to complete this Review we will recap them for you.

TecAdemics ReviewTEC – The Entrepreneur Club

Known as the “inner circle” product this will act as an online education and community and cost $100 a month.  It will include access to Forums covering such subjects as Facebook Marketing, E-Commerce, Shopify, ClickFunnels, Smart Member, You Tube and many more.  All in all this looks to be a first class entry level product

The price for the course is $100 per month

IMPACT – Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training

Impact is an online “home study” course which includes coaching on how to begin online.  It’s taught by Chris Record, who has produced multiple seven figure product launches – not someone who only talks about but never done it!

The price of the course is $2000 (one-time).

MASTERS TUITION – Collegiate Style Education For Entrepreneurs

This is the live tuition class for the actual “internet marketing college” –  situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. Attendees will be able to attend the internet marketing college for a week at a time and take classes “face to face” or via live streaming / webinar style if you cannot attend in person

These classes will be coached in ISD format (Instructional Systems Design) – the format used by the highly renowned UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX and other top learning facilities around the world

Applying ISD learning structure (as seen in high schools, universities and colleges around the world) to the internet marketing online business world is set to revolutionise the industry and help those who have never yet made any money online just because they were not able to follow a system that was guaranteed to teach them the right way

This Masters Tuition (Internet Marketing College) will cost $10000 (one-time).

That concludes our TecAdemics Review and as you read it then it’s for you to decide if it’s something you want be part of as a pioneer of this new style education either as a student, someone who wants to become and affiliate and promote it or like us to do both.

Find out more about Joining TecAdemics Today – it FREE 🙂

Thanks for joining us on this page today

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  1. Chris & Susan says:

    Hi William

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    Look forward to hearing from you

    Chris and Susan

  2. Hello I’ve watched several TecAdemics videos sbd signed up as an ambassador affiliate and need to know exactly how often and when they pay out? Slso, some say they send you a pay card abd if so where in theback office is it while others say they send checks?

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