The Myths And Truths Of Internet Marketing

The Myths And Truths Of Internet Marketing

the myths and truths of internet marketing95% of new people that join the world of Internet Marketing believe that the heavens will open and money will pour into their bank account without any effort on their part.

We’re sure that if you are reading this then you are not one of that 95% !

We’re going to share with you the myths and truths of internet marketing so you can make your own judgement.

First of all we’ll be real with you.

That doesn’t happen …. money doesn’t pour into your bank account without any effort

We make a full time living on the Internet because we’ve taken the time to learn what we needed to do to make it happen.

Did we struggle? Yes!

Did we get frustrated? Yes!

Did we get overwhelmed with the different courses and shiny objects? Yes!

Did we lose money? Yes, most definitely!

But, we knew what we were building was a business …

Yes, that’s right, a business.

If you want to make a full time living on the Internet there are things you’ve got to do and new skills to learn …

Know the myths and truths of internet marketing

But there are some things that s priceless …

Like having a good system to follow and someone to guide us

Did we need to buy some tools? Yes!

Did we need to do some work? Yes!

Now, most people don’t want to hear that.

But, we believe in being real and honest

We probably put off more people from starting than other marketers because if you are not prepared to treat this as a business it’s not for you

We just want to reinforce the message

This “internet thing” is a business

You can’t get something for nothing out there.

If you want to make a full time living on the internet there’s work to do …

Systems to set up …

Tools and resources to get …

BUT … if you are as determined as we were and prepared to put in the work and invest in yourself and your business then it can open up a whole new world to you

Just like it did for us …

Why not call us and tell us your dream and what you are wanting to do

See if we can help you achieve that dream

You might like to join the conversation we had on Facebook about the myths and truths of internet marketing and enjoy our video from The French Alps …

Many of our entrepreneur friends have commented and it’s always good to get a third party view …

The Myths And Truths Of Internet Marketing

Myths and Truths on FacebookThat’s it from us ….

The myths and truths of internet marketing are banished forever

It can be a very real income stream when you find the right business for you 🙂

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We’re former accountants of a certain age with 5 great kids and 3 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful 6 figure business online and now speak on international stages following that passion.  Our business is centered on online marketing education and wealth creation and a desire to help you create financial freedom online through entrepreneurship.

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