The Wealthiest Place In The World

The Wealthiest Place In The World

As you begin reading this article we expect already the thoughts are running through you head about all the possibilities for where is the wealthiest place in the world

In my twenties I lived and worked in Bahrain and thought that really must be one of the wealthiest places in the world as I walked through the gold souk ….

Now a little older and wiser I see things very differently

The wealthiest place in the world certainly won’t be any country you have ever come across that’s for certain

Just listen to this very short video and then you will know

The Wealthiest Place In The World Video

“Where is the wealthiest place in the world? Do you know? It’s not China. It’s not Dubai. It’s the graveyard because in the graveyard, you will find inventions never invented, businesses never erected, songs never sung, books never written, ideas never nurtured, people never realized because they were scared to take a risk”

We don’t know about you but it made us sit up and take notice and inspired us to put it on our blog and share with you.

Sometimes it’s those magical words spoken by someone else (someone younger than our children even) that could make all the difference to you doing something you always wanted to do.

What have you got to lose after all?

Let us know what you think – we always love to hear back from our readers

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The Wealthiest Place In The World
Article Name
The Wealthiest Place In The World
You might be very surprised to discover the wealthiest place in the world
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2 Responses to The Wealthiest Place In The World

  1. Chris & Susan says:

    Thank you Virgilio for dropping by and taking a moment to leave a comment. It means a lot and of course that you too loved that message as much as we did. We can spread the message one person at a time and eventually change the world and if not at least leave a legacy that continues after our time is done. Chris and Susan

  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful article and such a powerful video share.
    Powerful message to the core… You don’t know what you don’t know. This is our Planet Earth. WE ALL ARE 1 HUMAN RACE. 1 FAMILY. WE ARE ON THIS PLANET 1 TIME. HELPING OTHERS IS WHAT MATTER MOST.

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