Turnkey Business System – How To Get All The Benefits Of An Online Business

Turnkey Business System

How To Get All The Benefits Of An Online Business

turnkey business systemIf you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for a legitimate, new business.

Perhaps you’ve thought about (or owned) a franchise, or run your own business before just as we did.

Or maybe you’ve achieved success in the corporate world but are looking to escape the rat race and have more time and freedom.

While you know that online businesses offer a lot of flexibility and income potential, you cringe at everything you find on the Internet, because it all seems like a “get rich quick in bitcoin” or MLM scheme.

And even if those programs worked, you wouldn’t want people to know you’re involved in something like that.

To be clear there is nothing wrong with the MLM model and there are a lot of legitimate MLM companies people can work with but with their methodology of contacting friends and family many people just don’t want to get involved.

If you know our story, our first venture as entrepreneurs was with an MLM – Amway and even though it didn’t work out that well for us, we learnt a lot about the world of entrepreneurship and personal development.  We just knew that there must be a better way and went in search for it.

A few false starts and great education along the way, we discovered the TURNKEY BUSINESS SYSTEM 

Turnkey Business System Review

How It Works

In this article, we’re going to explain more about the Turnkey Business System and why we see this as one of the best online business models we have personally seen and who we believe it would be good for

Our business model, called the Turnkey Business System,  involves working with people like you, who refer leads to us.

The leads you generate in your new online business are turned into customers for the training programs, live events, and mastermind s(which range from less than $100 to as high as $100,000) and you are paid commissions on those sales.

In fact, you are paid out much higher commissions than most companies, up to $10,000 to $20,000 per sale.

What You Get

Inside the Turnkey Business System you you get all the benefits of an online business without having to build it yourself, including:

  • Freedom over your time and schedule
  • The ability to work at home (or while traveling)
  • The flexibility to take vacations with your family
  • Low overheads and high returns
  • Done For You marketing, websites, and phone sales

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about:

  • Product supply
  • Logistics
  • Hiring or managing staff
  • Being locked down to a physical office or location

With this system, it’s about as turnkey as you can get – hence the name

You leverage the company’s infrastructure, including staff, merchant processing, fulfillment, customer service, product creation, website development, hosting, phone sales, and more.

This Is A Credible Online Business That You Can Tell Your Friends About on the Golf Course

Who Is It For?

First of all, this is not for everyone.

We try to target people who are former business owners, or have worked in the corporate world, because they understand how business works.

So, if you have business experience that’s a big plus although it is not required.

What is required is that you understand the value of leveraging a system like this, and are willing to put in the time and effort to apply it.

Benefits of An Online Business vs A Franchise

With a typical franchise, you have high-investment, medium to high-risk, high overheads, restricted territory, and you need a physical location, employees, and a rigid schedule.

On the other hand, with an online business you have low-investment, low-risk, low overheads, and you don’t need a location, employees, or a fixed schedule

So, it’s obvious that a good online business beats a typical franchise any day.

But, not all online businesses are created equal.

Like we talked about earlier, most “make money online” opportunities are either not credible or not worth your time.

So, let’s look at how Turnkey Business stacks up against most online businesses.

Most Online Businesses vs. Turnkey Business System

With most online businesses, you have low ticket (or low priced) sales, low commissions, limited products and resources, no coaches or training, and a company without much history.

With the Turnkey Business System, you have the exact opposite.

You get high commissions on high-ticket sales, a full product suite, training, coaching, and an established international company with over 6 years of history.

Now, looking at this comparison, you might wonder how this comany got so far ahead of their competition.

Part of the reason is their referral partners (like us), our international customer base, and their excellent team members, which helped them reach a “tipping point” and grow exponentially from there.

But more importantly, it’s this business model.

Choosing the right business model has as much to do with success as talent, experience, and skill

A Few Of The Many Success Stories

There are many other stories we could show you of people who went on to make over $100,000 with this system, some with business experience and some without.

We chosen these because they are probably more like you – someone who has business experience and is looking to apply that knowledge to an online business, preferably one that is pre-built.

And with Turnkey Business System, you’re getting just that. You can think of it as a pre-built online business

You can see their stories here … including ours

What Is The Potential Of Turnkey Business System

Once you have this system up and running :

turnkey business system

  • You can earn between $1,250 to $20,000 per sale, while working from home in your spare time!
  • You can support your family, and have the flexibility to take vacations whenever you want.
  • You will have freedom over your time and schedule, to spend more time outdoors, or serving others through church or favorite charity.
  • You can work from home (or while traveling), and avoid sitting in traffic to go to the same desk in the same building every day.
  • You can pay off debt, put money away for retirement, help your kids or grandkids pay for college, and build a legacy.

And the best part is …

You can do all of this without having to hire or manage staff, deal with physical products and logistics, play office politics, or any of the other headaches that go along with a traditional business or job!

Just find leads and send them to our online sales pages, and we do the rest.

When your leads buy one of our entry-level programs at our pages, you’ll get a commission.

Then, that buyer will go into a sophisticated sales process which includes online funnels and offline phone sales.

Our phone sales team will close your buyer on a higher-level program, and you’ll get another commission of $1,250 to $20,000, depending on the programs sold!

The right people buy the right programs for them

This really is affiliate marketing at its best for newbies and experienced entrepreneurs alike and really is a great way to create an online business of your own without all the hassle …. and of course you will be able to earn as you learn with our coaching program included when you join

For those who want to go on to create a multiple six figure business as affiliate marketers this is a great start and when you work with us we make sure to help you achieve your goals

But … to access this sales system, you must take the first step and join today

Thanks for reading and look forward to welcoming you back to our blog at a future date

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