What is Heal?

What Is Heal

What Is HealWhat Is Heal? Apart from the obvious if you were to look at the official dictionary definition “become sound or healthy again” in the online world a little more information is needed.  What we’re talking about in this post is the Heal Program

Here’s the official definition of Heal from the owners of the Heal Program and there’s a not a lot more we can add to that that explains it any better other than what we see inside the program which definitely backs up this description.

“Heal Worldwide was created with the goal of positively impacting lives through content, community and commerce.  Many programs and businesses exist that are lacking in one or more of these elements, leaving marketers stuck, confused, or unsuccessful no matter how hard they try.  Or, the products may be amazing, but the community element is missing or un-supportive.  Heal is designed to bridge those gaps and provide a total transformation experience allowing EVERY member to share top of the line health products, superior success and personal development training, and genuinely thrive within a caring, uplifting community”

A Turn-Key Remote Business where you get immediate access to a real, reliable, and remote business that is set-up to pay you lifetime residual income on EVERY Heal product, from anywhere in the world

There are many other questions people ask so we’re providing you the link here so you can check it out for yourself.  We believe due diligence is very important and highly recommend you make an informed decision about any investment or purchase.

What Is Heal – The Heal Products

Heal has both digital and physical products and these can be purchased independently of being a member of the Heal Program 

Big Profile Profits

Big Profile ProfitsThis is their signature program which teaches you how to get 100+ likes + 3 sales per day (in any business) using your Facebook Profile without paid advertising.  It’s described as a “7  Step Video Series To Turn Your Profile Into An Income Generating Machine

These include

  • Brand Recognition : Creating a Million Dollar Brand with $1
  • FB Content Blueprint : Step By Step To Posting Profitable Content
  • Attracting Buyers : How To Find People Eager & Ready To Buy
  • Messenger Money  Method : How To Get 3 Sales A Day With  A 3 Message Method Method
  • Residual Daily Routine : Over The Shoulder Success System To Get Daily Sales
  • Profitable Live Streams : Guide To Making Money With Facebook Live Streams
  • Cash Flow Follow Up : Your Financial Future Is In Your Follow Up

You can check out the 7 Modules of Big Profile Profits in more detail here

IAM 21 Day Challenge

Heal IAM 21 Day ChallengeAccording to the Heal Program owners, the IAM program is suited to you if …

  • If you’re in college struggling to figure out your career…
  • If you’re a stay at home parent, or you would like to be…
  • If you’ve made the money, but you still feel empty inside…
  • If you’re retired and just looking for a little more drive…

Or just looking to better your life in some way, shape or form

We were particularly attracted to this for people like us in or approaching retirement who just want a reason for being and to focus on what’s important in their lives right now as we enter a new chapter.

This really excites us as we’re going through the challenge right now and can definitely say it bridges the gap that most programs leave empty – the recognising WHY you are doing what you are doing 🙂

To find out more about the IAM 21 Day Challenge click here

Heal Physical Products

The Heal Program also includes a range of physical products including plant based immune system dietary supplements – you can check these out here 

There are many testimonials of people who take them and endorse their efficiency.

There is also a book, the Misti Moments Book which is a collection of her various life experiences and inspirational messages .  She is an American motivational speaker, spiritual life coach, and blogger and as you will see if you visit the page, she has personally risen through tremendous adversity

Life is a series of moments. Some we love. Some we wish we could forget. Some hold us down. Some lift us up. Some fight to keep us bound. Some arrive to set us free. There are defeating moments, heart-breaking moments, and moments that carry with them the sting of deep regret, guilt, and shame. There are moments of passion, moments of sheer rage, and moments of brokenness and great sorrow. We experience moments of rejection that appear to break us, and moments of unconditional acceptance that serve to raise us. We suffer moments of unbearable loss and we relish in moments of profound gain. Moments bring us tears. Moments bring us laughter. Moments brings us folly and moments bring us wisdom.

The Heal Business

If you are looking for a turnkey business and the idea of physical and digital products excites you then we recommend you take a good look around There’s something for everyone and what we liked that is so often missing is that the compensation plan is set to reward associates “lifetime residual income on EVERY Heal product, from anywhere in the world”

We especially love the supportive community that encourages and champions you as a person as you develop your skill set and build your business so why not take a look for yourself it’s free to look and decide for yourself your next steps

As always we highly recommend you do your due diligence.  We are associates of the Heal Program and should you buy a product from us we will be compensated although this makes no difference to you and what you will pay.

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How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome OK hands up before we go into this topic today.  Let’s be honest everyone has been subject to the dreaded shiny object syndrome at some point in the life or business…. and it’s human nature we just can’t resist them.

However, shiny objects are where we lose our focus on our career, business, health or just about any type of goal. We see something that looks like a great idea and we totally veer off in a different direction, usually never following through on what we planned.

For example in the online business world this is what we see happen the most (and yes we’ve been there and done it too so we speak from experience).  You buy training programs that promise you instant riches or quick ways to make more money, even though they aren’t part of your original plan…

Then the following through often doesn’t happen

  • Because we are excited about the idea at first, but then it fizzles out.
  • It’s not in line with what our goals are.
  • We overwhelm ourselves with too many ideas and possibilities.
  • We overwhelm ourselves with too much in our schedule because we can’t get everything done

The Cure For How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Luckily there is a cure for how to avoid shiny object syndrome:-

  • Set your goals and know where you really want to go. Only do things that are in line with those goals. For example, in our business we see a lot of other business owners get distracted with brand new marketing techniques or entirely different business ideas that completely take their focus away from what they’ve steadily been building.
  • If you seem to get distracted when things seem to be taking longer than you want, set smaller goals and reward yourself for those milestones. Rewards will depend on what you achieved and shouldn’t sabotage your goal.  Just something you appreciate to say thank you to yourself!
  • Be more discerning. Never buy on impulse. Do your research and take time to think. Limited time offers are good for the people selling (we know that because we’re marketers), but not for you because they cause you to make impulsive decisions.
  • Get an accountability partner… and better yet an accountability partner. Discuss your new ideas and potential shiny objects with the before you jump in. Be there for each other and look out for one another’s best interests.
  • Eliminate distractions that bring these shiny objects to you. If you’re on a ton of email lists or follow a bunch of people on social media that are always pulling you this way and that…turn them off.
  • Investing in yourself and improving yourself is a good idea, but realise that when you keep spending money on these shiny objects, you’re making yourself work harder and you’re putting your time freedom out of balance. Invest wisely and you’ll keep growing…but do it ‘willy nilly‘ and you’ll find yourself broke or in debt.
  • The only way to actually achieve your goals is through consistency, hard work and staying on track. It’s not easy to build a business. It’s not easy to get your career or business to exactly where you want it. There are no massive shortcuts to anything really. Sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow, but swallow it and everything will become clearer and easier for you

If you screw up…

It is not the end of the world and we all make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and course correct to get back on track. This is always key.

Be patient, stay consistent and let results come. When you sabotage yourself, recognise it and get back to your plan.

Thanks for reading and hope this has provided you with some clarity around the dreaded shiny object syndrome

This was quite a difficult article for us to write because we realise that as marketers we probably contribute to the problem by putting in front of you offers we think will take your fancy and we have to do that because we recognise as we build our audience that not everyone wants the same thing.

All we would say is find one thing that really resonates with you and stick with it until you see success because going from shiny object to shiny object without achieving success with any is just foolish.

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