The Life Of An Entrepreneur

The Life Of An Entrepreneur

The Life Of An Entrepreneur 1920 1280 Chris and Susan Beesley

The Life Of An Entrepreneur (In 90 Seconds)


The words “become an entrepreneur” we hear more and more these days as well as all the reason why we should become an entrepreneur.

With hundreds of books written on the subject of entrepreneurship it’s clear that its a growing trend and more and more people regardless of their age or experience are becoming inclined towards a new way of earning their living and having the freedom to choose when and where they work for example.

In our particular case having had our own accountancy and management consultancy business to become an entrepreneur online was a natural progression and we are able with our experience to now pass on what we’ve learned to people as old or older than ourselves as well as the younger generation following on.

We will never say however that you should not get a good education. It’s what our parents said to us and it’s what we said to all our children.  We will never knock getting a good education ever because a good education gives you more choice.

We recently held a small private mastermind for specially invited entrepreneurs in London and having found this video “The Life of An Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds” (which we are about to share with you) we played it right at the very beginning – just to set the scene


Because we often see success and yet we don’t realise what it takes to achieve it.

Much better to go in with your eyes wide open and be prepared for what lies ahead.

Is it worth it?  Absolutely but it’s not for everyone and that’s what’s important to understand.

The Life Of An Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds



“The only difference between the one who quits and the one who doesn’t is that they showed up every day, they worked hard every day, they hustled every day, they learned from a proven mentor every day, they improved every day”


Transcription of The Life Of An Entrepreneur in 90 Seconds

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur.

They say things like, “ I can never be like them” or “they got lucky“.

What most don’t see, is what they’ve overcome.

All the struggles, the daily rejections, the heart aches…the betrayals, the rumors, the criticism… the empty bank account, and all those lonely nights while trying to make their vision a reality.

You see the only difference between the one who quits and the one who doesn’t is that they showed up every day, they worked hard every day, they hustled every day, they learned from a proven mentor every day, they improved every day;

They did all this even though they felt like quitting every day.

And eventually, they became who they are today.


The Life Of An Entrepreneur

It takes a mindset shift there’s no doubt so please take a moment to download and read our book here as we take you on a journey from being an employee to a home business entrepreneur

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Thanks for reading today’s blog The Life Of An Entrepreneur and would love you to share your thoughts and feedback

The Life Of An Entrepreneur

Chris & Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 5 grand-kids, 1 grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world and we’re passionate about helping others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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