Ways To Make Money Online For Your Retirement

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Ways To Make Money Online For Your Retirement

Presumably you’re reading this because you’re looking to generate an income for your retirement and you’re wondering if it’s really possible.

We remember being in that exact same position when we were in our mid-50’s realising that retirement was on the horizon and we didn’t have much in the way of savings after losing much of our property investment portfolio in the crash of 2008.

What we did know was that we had to do something or we would be living hand to mouth on a tiny pension with the prospect of working until the end of our days.

That wasn’t what we had envisaged for our retirement.

We really didn’t know much about generating an income online at that time but coincidentally whilst researching online marketing strategies for one of our clients we discovered a whole new world of possibility.

People were searching for an purchasing online marketing training – in fact hundreds and thousands of people were searching.

Digging deeper we discovered millions of people were searching ways to make money online and many of them wanted to do this to supplement their retirement

“As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of extra income. There are opportunities available that people have been using for years now”Franklin Gillette

In today’s uncertain economy, having multiple streams of income has become a necessity and not an option. The safest solution is to be financially independent of your employer and be in total control over the finances and its source of earning.

That was exactly the position we were in back in 2008 and the recession was our wake up call

As we write this today we face many more uncertainties – the Russian invasion of The Ukraine and the knock on effect it’s had around the world with predicted further recessions.

Retirement savings are not going to go as far as we once thought.

Generating an additional income is no longer a nice to have but a must have

Finding the best legitimate, legal and honest way of earning money online is the hardest part and involves the most time-consuming step – we call it your due diligence.  As former accountants we know this term well and we cannot stress how important this is.

If you’ve found your way to our website and reading this article you need to do your due diligence and establish if we are who we say we are and achieve the results we’ve shared on our about page

Due diligence becomes your responsibility because there are a lot of scams and unethical people inhabit the internet ready to lure you into their money making schemes.  On the other side of the coin however there are good people who are who they say they are and do have genuine solutions.

Money does not spew out of laptops but you know that right?


Make Money Online In Retirement

The best part about making money during retirement is that you get to decide what you do, when to do it and where you work. Of course, that might leave you puzzled as to what options are available now that you’re stepping out on your own.

There are literally hundreds of things you could do. Learn how to be a travel writer, get the know how to be a successful stock photographer, write and publish e-books, give online cooking lessons, start and monetize your own blog, learn how to take what you already know from a lifetime of experience and generate an income from it.

For us because we wanted the “laptop lifestyle” and to work from anywhere and travel, our choice of online income had to be something we could do with a global audience and no fulfilment of products or customer service.

Here again there are many choices – more so today that we began our online business over 12 years ago now in 2010.

Starting an online business is a lot easier than you probably think – there are people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s with successful online businesses so no matter what age you are and what level of experience you have with computers and the internet you can do this too.

Thanks to the internet it’s now possible for any of us to travel to and live anywhere in the world where we can work, play or generate an online income stream

The most recent crisis (the worldwide pandemic) has created opportunities and advantages giving you an unparalleled opportunity to start an online business and position yourself for making your dreams of living, working, or retiring abroad a reality.

You can learn to do each and every one of these things and there are programs and courses you can access to do that. Once you take advantage of one (or more) of them – either now or in the future – you will find you can do it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We’re seeing more and more folks in their retirement starting businesses that mean they will never have to worry about finding ways to live wherever they want or having something interesting and fulfilling to do wherever they choose.

It can be a bit daunting to start an online business if this is new to you. You might be concerned about the technical aspects, how you will get visitors to your website and much more. The important thing to bear in mind here is that many just like you have started online businesses and been successful with them.


We could work the hours we wanted and from the comfort of our own home or anywhere in the world we wanted to travel to provided we had a laptop and access to WiFi

  • We could create multiple streams of income from one business
  • We could choose what type of business we wanted
  • We could choose our market(s)…something we enjoyed doing
  • We could leverage the internet
  • We could travel the world and still manage our business

In our favour…

According to the Kauffman Index over 51% of all new businesses are started by people in the 45-64 age range.

It’s not surprising really because at that age you have knowledge, experience and a network…and today it’s simple to start an online business working from home.

Remember, we started in our late 50’s with no online skills except email, spreadsheets and word processing though we admit we did have business skills albeit traditional business skills.

And yet, by finding a mentor, someone to help and guide us, we have built a successful online business and have taught and mentored hundreds if not thousands of people

It is our true belief that everyone needs support and education when they are starting a new venture…our goal is to be here for you

 As we write this we celebrate more than 12 years in our encore career or “second mountain” as we call it and we’re loving it


There are many different choices and we’ll share briefly some of the most popular

Freelancing – we live in a world right now where businesses are starving for good freelancers.  People who have particular skills and are willing to share them in exchange for payment.

Affiliate Marketing – promoting someone else’s product or service and getting paid a commission for every sale

Network Marketing – in the old days network marketing had a poor reputation because you had to chase your friends and family. Today it’s very different because by marketing online it is very similar to affiliate marketing…promoting someone else’s product for a commission

E-Commerce – importing products using Amazon Fulfilment or Shopify

Blogging – especially travel blogging

Creating Your Own Information Products – this is not as difficult as you may think…this is about selling existing knowledge and information that you already have in your head and delivering it digitally… creating it once and making an income from it many times

E-Learning – teaching a foreign language, especially English

For us it we began with affiliate marketing in the online education niche teaching others how to make money online and today it’s a hybrid of e-commerce, affiliate marketing and network marketing

“I believe the concept of starting a business for retirement income will become one of the most significant trends impacting retirement in the 21st century. That means helping people find ways to turn a passion, hobby, or personal desire into extra money in their pocket.”

       Robert Laura – Author of The Naked Retirement

Once you get started you will see some wild claims from sellers of online business opportunity products. A lot of people get involved with online business because they see these claims and believe them. While it is possible to make a lot of money in a fairly short time online, you will still need patience and it is extremely unlikely to happen overnight.

We have a saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is

Be prepared to learn something new every day. When you are new to online business there will be a lot for you to learn. You cannot learn everything at once so be committed to daily learning. Even if you have been in business all of your working life it can be tempting to believe that you know everything. The online business world is different, so keep an open mind.

Here is a summary of the traits that you will need to develop to maximize your chances of being successful with your online business:

  • You need persistence and tenacity
  • You need to be consistent
  • You need to confront your fears head-on
  • You need patience
  • You need to start immediately and be a committed action taker
  • You need to commit to daily learning

If you think that you need help with the development of any of these traits then there is a lot of information available online. The truth is that it will take time and consistent effort but the results will certainly be worth it for you.

“The fundamental level of success is doing the hard things first — If you go for the feared thing first, then the rest of the day is easy.”

— Robert G. Allen

We highly recommend you start with reading a copy of our book The Mindset Shift

We wrote it and it was published on Amazon in 2013

Today it’s been updated and we have a digital version available that you can download at TheMindsetShift.com

We can then deliver you our second book The Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle where we go into more details of generating an income online and how to choose the type of business you would like to follow.


“I think there’re two ways to make money online. One way is by selling other people’s stuff, the other way is by selling your stuff.”

— Jeff Walker, Author 

Launch : An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Thanks for reading today’s blog How To Make Money Online For Retirement and would love you to share your thoughts and feedback and if you would like any help in bringing your dreams and goals to life just contact us here

Ways To Make Money Online For Retirement

Chris & Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 5 grand-kids, 1 grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world and we’re passionate about helping others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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