An Introduction Into Online Marketing For The 50 Plus Entrepreneur

An Introduction Into Online Marketing For The 50 Plus Entrepreneur

An Introduction Into Online Marketing For The 50 Plus Entrepreneur 1280 853 Chris and Susan Beesley

An Introduction Into Online Marketing For  The 50 Plus Entrepreneur

It was 13 years ago as of writing this that Chris and I ventured into the online world and what is known today as online marketing was referred to as internet marketing

It was a challenge make no mistake but we had good guidance from our mentor

Today where so much is available to help someone get started it’s as much a challenge regards what and who to trust so we’ll try and simplify to begin with what Online Marketing is and why getting involved as a 50 plus entrepreneur is easier than you think


If you are considering starting a business online as an entrepreneur, you probably have a lot of questions about your options and how to carry them out so that you are earning a good income.

There are many different directions you can go in with a digital marketing career. Some of them require very little, if any start up money. Some require more of an investment of time than others.

You may have reservations about pursuing this line of work because you don’t know what to do, or you worry about taking risks. But this is true of any new career, and the best thing about this one is that you’re in total control over every decision that you make with guidance from other experts.

If you want to succeed in making money from home on your computer or laptop, all you have to know is how to select a business model that will work best for you, and then master the skills associated with it.

From there, you can begin earning profits, reinvesting in your business if you want to scale it into something bigger, and enjoy a better lifestyle because of your efforts. Anyone can stake claim to their fair share of online earnings, as long as they are willing to learn.

An Overview of the Concept of Online Marketing

So what does online marketing really mean?

The words are interchangeable with phrases like digital marketing and Internet marketing.

This is a concept where consumers go online to shop for the goods or services that they need.

In fact, sometimes there is no money changing hands, but you can still earn profits from companies that benefit from you creating an audience with content that you are publishing on their platform.

The world of online marketing is thriving for many different reasons.

Consumers have gotten used to ordering off of the Internet, whether it’s for a digital download or a tangible item to be shipped to their home.

In the early days of the Internet, everyone was suspicious of this process, and then handing over their personal contact information and payment details. Now, they would much rather enjoy the convenience of online shopping and instant gratification when it comes to information.

Legitimate Options Versus Scams

Many people are naturally worried about getting scammed in the online industry. They have every right to be concerned. Some unsavory individuals have made it their goal to convince people that in order to make money online, they need to pay a fee (that’s not to say you  might be asked to invest in a training course as we’ll discuss).

Sometimes, these fees can be exorbitant. If anyone is asking you for money in order for you to make money, you want to immediately have your guard up before investigating further.

It’s perfectly acceptable for someone to sell a course teaching you how to succeed online. But what’s not acceptable is to tell you that if you just pay them $997, you’ll have a flood of traffic to your website tomorrow and $10,000 in the bank by noon.  That absolutely shouts out SCAM!

We’ve always said that any time you see something that is too good to be true, it probably is. Make sure you research the company by name, the vendor’s name who is selling it, and the product name to see what other consumers are saying about it online (be aware there are some people taught to write scam posts about good programs in order to get you to buy their “thing” – it’s very obvious when you read their reviews)

Many people have come to us about the programs we recommend and we’ve had to explain that!

Everything You Need to Get Started

You don’t need very much to get started as an online entrepreneur in later life. Really, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. In fact, some people are able to start a business working from their smartphone without a computer at all but we would always say a computer is necessary for some tasks and you can buy one today for a few hundred dollars unlike back in our day when they cost thousands of dollars.

It really depends on the type of business model that you are going to adopt. However, some business models will also require a slight amount more. This is to pay for your domain name, which is a yearly expense and your hosting service, which is typically a monthly expense.

You can get a brand new domain name for $12 a year, if not cheaper with a coupon code. You can also find hosting for your domain and website for around$5 per month.

Here’s How Much You Can Earn

The amount you can earn is going to be different based on every situation. For example, the business model that you choose might determine how much you can make.

A freelance service provider is eventually going to hit a ceiling of how much they can earn based on the going rate for those services and the number of hours they are willing to work.

But an affiliate marketer or an information product vendor can grow their online income over the course of many months and years so that they never hit a ceiling of earnings.

Besides these factors, each individual has their own abilities in terms of speed and knowledge, which may be a factor in how much you can get done each day and how well you do it.

Flexible Commitment of Time and Effort

The great thing about working as an online entrepreneur in your senior years is that you have a flexible schedule. You are no longer told when to work and for how long you need to work.

You can work as much or as little as you want to each day, whether it’s 30 minutes or three hours or more. You can also work any hours you want to, whether it’s 5 o’clock in the morning or 5:00 PM at night.

If you want to take off for a week to take your grandkids to Disney World or just to relax because you have earned it, you can do that without having to ask anyone’s permission – a luxury very few ever get.

Decisions You’ll Need to Make

There are some decisions that you are going to have to make in this journey. Keep in mind that many people start off on one path and then find themselves heading in a different direction, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You are going to have to decide which business model you want to pursue initially (because you have the option of adding another one at a later date) and which niche you are going to be in, if applicable.

Within each business model, you’ll have other decisions to make such as what media formats you are using, which tools help you achieve your goals, decisions based on timelines and how you want your branding to be represented.

3 Important Traits to Possess as a 50 PlusEntrepreneur

Instead of worrying about what skills you lack, which is something you can always learn, you need to focus on making sure you have three of the most important traits for an online entrepreneur.

The first is perseverance. This career, like many others, is going to have setbacks and moments where you realize you have failed at something. If you can’t push through that moment and learn from it to go on to better things, this may not be a path worth pursuing for you.

Confidence is the second trait you need as an online entrepreneur. It’s common for people to second guess their decisions, but you have to be able to shut off the loud inner voice of self doubt when necessary so that you can move confidently through each step of your career with ease.

A dedication to learning is the third, and perhaps the most important trait you have to have as a digital marketer. There is so much to learn in this business at all times, and it’s part of the process that you should be enjoying and embracing rather than looking at as an overwhelming task.

Not everyone is cut out for a career as an online entrepreneur. People who don’t want to work or who want everything handed to them should probably look elsewhere, while those who love to put in effort and see the fruits of their labour are the best candidates.

We hope as you read that this is you

Next Steps

If after reading you have decided this is what you are looking for then we have a simple step by step program you can follow – you can see more here

It is self study (good for the brain) and there is a module for every part of running an online business you will need.

You will also be able to create your first online income by creating your very own funnel

Ours starts here if you want to follow through and see how a funnel works to sell something online

We did a write up on the course as well if you want to read more

And if you have any questions or want to talk about it and let us show you inside book a call with us here

Thanks for reading today’s blog An Introduction Into Online Marketing For The 50 Plus Entrepreneur and would love you to share your thoughts and feedback.

If you would like to get started setting yourself up online and have some questions please just contact us

Or book a free call here

An Introduction Into Online Marketing For The 50 Plus Entrepreneur

Chris & Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 5 grand-kids, 1 grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world and we’re passionate about helping others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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