Starting A Lifestyle Business

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Many people talk about creating a lifestyle business but sadly in our experience very few set out to find a business that meets that goal

The reason for that is a lifestyle business doesn’t just happen.

First you have to know what an ideal lifestyle means to you.  Then you have to plan it.  Then you have to build it.

In other words, as with anything you have to start with the end goal in mind and that goal should in this case be what makes you happy.

If you are reading this because starting a lifestyle business is what you are looking for then let us ask you this first…

Do you know what would be a perfect business for you?

Not what somebody else says is a perfect business but a business that is designed around your own criteria of what makes you happy.  One where you would get up each day excited about your future and wanting to put in the work to achieve it?

The reason we ask is that many entrepreneurs we have talked to or met around the world don’t know the answer to that.  They keep chasing the idea of a perfect business without ever realising that they may not yet have hit upon the thing that they both want to do and will make them happy.

There are many different kinds of business and the internet has opened up so many opportunities
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Direct Selling
  • E-commerce
  • Coaching

All of these are great choices and best of all can be incorporated into what we call a lifestyle business.

It’s the one we set up to have from day one back in 2010 when we gave up our traditional business for the online world.

Today we’ve incorporated all of the above into our business and together they give us an income to support our retirement lifestyle..

One that gives us the freedom to travel and work from anywhere (inspired by that famous book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris).

But before we proceed let’s look at what a lifestyle business conjures up and why starting a lifestyle business would work for you.

One of our favourite descriptions is the image of running a company from the beach ⛱️, a laptop in one hand and a cocktail🍹 in the other.

That’s the vision right?

What it transcends to is a lifestyle business that truly offers entrepreneurs the option to turn their skills and hobbies into business, while also designing the lifestyle they really want.

And that can mean working from home close to family or globetrotting the world, taking business calls on an iPhone full of travel photos.

In all honesty, many people talk about creating a “lifestyle business” but don’t actually set out to find out what it means.


We’re firm believers that the purpose of a business is to support you in the life you really want to have because the most successful thing about life is actually having a life that that makes  you happy…

And that’s why it’s important for you to know what that means and if you don’t know what that is yet then start thinking about it today by asking yourself

I know I’me being successful when…”

How would you finish that sentence for yourself?

Can you come up with ten things that would be true when you think of yourself successful?

Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  It allows you to define what your life really is… what you want your life to be… and then build a business around supporting that lifestyle.

The best part, just as Chris and I have done is you make your own rules and you can set up your life any way you want.

As we write this we’re planning on moving to Portugal to live and work.  It wasn’t in our original plan although living somewhere warm during the cold winter months in the UK definitely was.

Best of all our business is established and continues to grow combining all the things we love like travel, teaching and training, writing books and helping others achieve a better life in their retirement.

That’s our lifestyle business and why we encourage you to ask yourself the question now so you can make sure you achieve it.

Starting A Lifestyle Business Resources

This is a great article worth a read with some ideas to help you plan your style of business

And if you would like to talk it through let’s hop on a zoom call and go through it with you.  We offer this without any catches or pitching.  Just for you to get clear.

Book your call here or if you prefer we can chat on WhatsApp

Starting A Lifestyle Business

Chris & Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 5 grand-kids, 1 grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world and we’re passionate about helping others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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