When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You

When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You

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When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You : It’s a well recognised idiom meaning to make someone or someone’s plans fall through; to upset someone’s plans

It happens to everyone at some time in their life and it usually happens at the worst possible time when you least expect it

It’s happened to us – that curve ball thown at you when you least expect it.  Change forced upon us before we were ready.  So many different things have happened in our lives  unexpectedly when the rug gets pulled out from under you but how you react and what you do is everything

We recorded this video “When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You” with a story from our past and our most recent “curve ball”  We hope you will take value from it and it helps you to march on and keep your dreams and goals alive.

So you heard how it happened to use and we nearly lost our property here in Spain and recently in our online business when the rug was pulled out from under us we were able to recover because of the knowledge we had gained over the years

At some time in your life the unthinkable happens and you wonder what the heck you’re going to do. It happened to us…

And although we were able to recover because of what we knew and because of our positive results oriented mindset, for anyone else it could be a disaster

Our friend and fellow entrepreneur Russell thought about this too and asked some of his top friends that same question …

“You suddenly lose EVERYTHING in your business (your money, your big name, your list, your affiliates and JV partners, all of it)…

You have bills piled high, and people harassing you for money over the phone

All you have is a roof over your head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a ClickFunnels account for only ONE MONTH

Other than your vast marketing experience, you’re back to being a newbie…

What EXACTLY would you do, from Day 1 to Day 30, to save yourself?”

He started reading through the crazy detailed plans, mapping out what they’d do day-by-day…

They sent him incredible, creative blueprints for how to get their business back up and rolling again, and generating income and leads in just ONE MONTH

What’s cool is every one of his ‘two comma‘ club members had a different answer, and used a different strategy…. (which in our opinion is the best part)

That’s why we want to share this F.REE summit with you that our good friend Russel is putting on.

Each of his 30 speakers are going to answer that question above.

In fact in detail….

They will lay out their step by step detailed ACTION PLAN (Day 1 through Day 30) on how they’d get their business up and rolling…and each plan is DESIGNED to start out from ZERO.

Meaning, even if you have:


Even if you’re starting out truly from “Square ONE“… this summit is pre-engineered for YOU to succeed starting from SCRATCH!

Whether you are in a solid profitable position right now or maybe you are struggling to get your business off the ground this is a MUST attend summit

Even if you haven’t started your online business yet what a great way to get some ideas that mean you can get started right away

We hope you got time to watch our short video and got registered but if you were in a hurry you can register for the summit right here

2018-09-13_11-41-02It’s going to be such a wealth of information for you to implement now or keep in your back pocket

See you there

And as Napoleon Hill says …

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”


When The Rug Gets Pulled Out From Under You

Chris & Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 5 grand-kids, 1 grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world and we’re passionate about helping others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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